About Us


About Us

KAMPCO FOODS, L.L.C. d/b/a Carino's Italian

KampCo Foods, L.L.C., ("KampCo Foods") is a privately held Oklahoma limited liability company. The company was formed in 2000 to become a franchisee for Carino's Italian Restaurants (Formerly Johnny Carino's Country Italian). KampCo currently has eight restaurants open in the states of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.

KampCo Foods is committed to building the Carino's Italian brand and strives to assure that its food and service are of the highest quality at price points designed to appeal to a very broad target market. KampCo Foods is also committed to developing and delivering outstanding food and beverage offerings in the "fast casual" market segment consistent with its theme "the big taste of the Italian country side."

Each restaurant features a full menu as well as catering and curbside to-go. Employee development programs include specialized testing and training for all positions, including hostesses, table tenders, servers, bartenders, chefs and managers.

KampCo Foods intends to assure continued growth by emphasizing good food and service, staff and management development and rigorous accounting and financial controls. The management and principals of KampCo Foods believe that their combined business experience and commitment to following Carino's Italian formula will assure the continued success of the operation and make for an exciting and successful operation.